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Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss, Belly fat and Weight Management

Today, managing healthy weight is one of the biggest issue all across the globe. People are distressed due to overweight. Some of the most common causes of excess weight is unhealthy food habits, lack of sleep, stress, tension, and no daily exercise. Many people opt for cosmetic surgeries to lose excess fats that involves lot of risk. Thus, we bring you some amazing, natural and healthy weight management supplements that are absolutely natural and have no harmful side effects.  We offer ayurvedic medicine to loose belly fat that are loaded with vital vitamins and nutrients that will help you to get you in shape and maintain healthy weight management. Not only that, our ayurvedic weight loss powder are easy to consume plus are infused with pure ingredients that are effective and beneficial in weight loss.

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Ayur Forest Organic Krounchbeej Powder – 113 GMS

  • 100% Organic, chemical free, natural, vegan and supreme quality powder for optimum safety
  • Raw Powder of Mucuna Pruriens, Gluten-free, Chemical free, Vegetarian.
  • Finely grounded and Farm Fresh Organic Herbal Krounchbeej powder for optimal and desired functions
  • May help in energy boost & improve healp & well being

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AyurForest Guggul Vegie Capsules, gymnema Capsules, 120 Capsules

  • Weight Loss: A 100% natural Guggul Capsules – a weight loss supplement. It contains guggulsterones that may help stimulate body’s natural ability to regulate metabolism.
  • Healthy Lipid Levels: Regular consumption of Guggul capsules help you to keep lipid levels in normal range.
  • Joint Pain Relief: Guggul is a pain relieving herbs as it has ushan virya in potency thereby possess the power of suppressing vata which is pain causing factor. Guggul capsules is widely used for rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and osteoarthritis to relive pain & swelling.
  • Liver Detox: Guggul capsules is also effective and beneficial for liver detox. It helps eliminate waste and toxins from the liver & ensure smooth functions.
  • Quality & Safety: We are NON GMO Certified and have highest quality check and safety.

AyurForest Organic Triphala Powder – 4oz 113gms

  • Finely grounded and Farm Fresh Organic Herbal Triphala powder for optimal and desired functions
  • 100% Organic, chemical free, natural, vegan and supreme quality powder for optimum safety
  • Balanced blend of herbs – Amla, Harde & Baheda
  • Its antioxidant properties supports healthy digestion

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Organic Wheatgrass Powder 16 oz 454 GMS

  • Increase Energy Level & Blood Circulation: Wheatgrass powder contains one of the most essential ingredients – chlorophyll which rapidly transports oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body. This will help the body having higher energy levels, better stamina and greater endurance.
  • Natural Detox: Wheatgrass powder contains good amount of proteins and amino acids that may help in cleaning the intestinal tract, as well as the colon, and flushing harmful toxins and pathogens from the body.
  • Nutrient-Filled Green Food Supplement: Wheatgrass is believed to contain 90 different minerals and over 19 amino acids. That’s a very generous heaping of health-giving nutrients. So it makes your daily dose of nutrients.
  • Pure & Natural: ALL NATURAL, NON GMO, NO FILLERS, NO BINDERS – Our Wheatgrass powder – A green food supplement has been manufactured exclusively with Non-GMO ingredients.

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