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Ayurvedic Supplements for Blood Sugar Control

It is definitely not easy to control blood sugar levels in your body. But, with ayurvedic supplements for blood sugar control it is possible to maintain healthy sugar levels. Ayurveda, has many natural herbs for blood sugar control that can effectively control your sugar levels without using any kind of harmful medicines. These herbs have been used since time immemorial because it exerts important medicinal properties that are required to control blood sugar level naturally. We offer you excellent and premium quality ayurvedic medicine for sugar control that are easy to consume and give you best results.

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Karela Powder, Bitter Melon 16 oz 454 GMS

  • Good For Blood Sugar Control: Bitter Gourd powder helps you to increase insulin in the body and ultimately reduce sugar levels.
  • For Skin & Hair Health: Karela is rich source of Vitamin A & C which is good for skin & hair. It helps fights acne & skin blemishes and add luster to hair and combats dandruff, hair loss, and split-ends.
  • Liver Cleanser: Raw bitter gourd powder is liver friendly and helps detoxify the liver naturally. It removes build up toxins and waste from liver.
  • Good For Digestion: Karela/Bitter Melon/Momordica Charantia is full of fiber and helps improve bowel movement. It relieves constipation and settles the stomach.
  • Weight Loss: Karela is fiber-rich and thus helps to improve metabolism and promote weight loss.

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